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  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Cigarette and Tobacco Retailer's License Fee
  • Covered Electronic Waste Recycling (eWaste) Fee

Verify a License or Account

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Verification is available to help you determine if a cigarette and tobacco product Distributor or Wholesaler license is currently valid. For a list of current Licensed California Cigarette and Tobacco Products Distributors or Wholesalers, select one of the following Distributor or Wholesaler. As a Distributor, or Wholesaler, you are responsible for ensuring the license is valid. A distributor or wholesaler may be engaged in the business of selling cigarettes and/or tobacco products. If you are uncertain of which type of product the distributor or wholesaler may be licensed to sell, please contact the Customer Service Center for more information. Click here to view a statewide map of all cigarette and tobacco products licensees.

Verification is available to identify the owner of the underground storage tank. If the owner name on the validated account is different from the owner name in your records, please contact the Customer Service Center for more information.

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